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Catch Basins and Grates

6in Square Green Grate

The RELN 6 inch Square Green Grate is injection-molded from structural foam polypropylene for high durability.

Ultraviolet inhibitors are added to prevent fading and cracking from exposure to sunlight. Grate is designed to connect into the RELN Bullet Catch Basins (part 000210 & 000211) and onto 6" PVC Sch. 20 pipe.

  • Snap-fit into RELN bullet basins (part number 000210 and 000211)
  • Use in large lawn areas, large landscape areas and patios
  • Drains and directs excess water

Height: 2.0 in
Width: 5.9 in
Depth: 5.9 in
Weight: 0.4 lbs