Corrugated Pipe Accessories

4" x 10ft Drain Sleeve

Protect perforated drain pipes from sand and sediment clogging with this Drain-Sleeve 4 in. x 10 ft. Filter Sock.

Designed for pipes 3 - 4 in. in diameter, this fabric filter sock creates a water-permeable barrier to keep deposits from building up in drain pipes and reduces the need for gravel backfill. This seamless filter sock slips over pipes quickly and easily and resists tearing.

  • Forms a water-permeable barrier to seal against deposit build-up
  • Tear-resistant sock slips over pipes quickly and easily
  • Designed for use with 3 to 4 in. diameter pipes
  • Reduces the need for gravel backfill

Height: 0.25 in
Width: 4 in
Depth: 120 in
Weight: 2 lbs

Drainage Peg

RELN drainage peg is simple and effective tool that anchors and holds n place any MOLE-Pipe length of pipe.

It is designed to stake down the pipe and to ensure proper drainage placement and no movement. It also helps when expanding the pipe, simply anchor one pipe end and then expand MOLE-Pipe to required length. It also can be used with 4 in. corrugated pipe for easy 1 person installation. 

Diameter: 4 in
Length: 12.5 in
Width: 4.5 in

36 in. x 150 ft. Soil Separator

The Soil Separator Trench Wrap is used to separate gravel and soil backfill in a trench, allowing the gravel to remain porous and the soil to stay firm and intact.

The non-woven, spun bonded fabric exceeds most industry standards and weighs a mere 0.5 ounces per square yard. With Soil Separator Fabric, you have an economical solution for Trench Cover and Trench Wrap.

  • Keeps gravel and soil backfill separate
  • Spun bonded non-woven geotextile
  • 3 ft. x 150 ft. roll
  • For traditional French drain applications, on-site sewage systems, septic systems and leach fields
  • Works with corrugated and smooth-wall pipe systems

Height: 0.25 in
Width: 36 in
Depth: 1800 in
Weight: 5 lbs

Pop-up Emitter with Flexible Elbow

The RELN pop-up emitter is the perfect solution to divert and disperse excess water to desired areas in your garden or suitable runoff areas.

As the drainage pipes fill and build up slight pressure, the cover rises to allow the excess water to escape. Once the water is discharged the pressure drops and it closes in a flush position.

  • Flexible elbow allows selected angle between 0 and 90 for ease of installation
  • Self-draining slots - no freezing
  • Fits 4" and 3" standard corrugate pipe and PVC pipe
  • Relief emitter blends perfectly in lawn applications

Height: 7.5 in
Width: 6.0 in
Depth: 6.0 in
Weight: 2 lbs